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Adding your Facebook Page to your property website

Originally conceived by Mike Conner with City Realty Inc. in Olympia, WA

Use this advanced customization option of the RealBird listing marketing platform to embed your Facebook Page widget in your single property website. When your listing is syndicated to 3rd party websites and search engines, your Facebook Page is also "pushed" and can help you in gaining more followers for your Facebook Business Page.

Live Example

See the property website of the listing at 6720 SW 104th St, Pinecrest, FL 33153 . See the "Facebook Us!" tab for the embedded Facebook Fan Page in action. Listing courtesy of Janie Coffey, principle of Papillon Real Estate LLC in Coral Gables, FL.

How-to guide

1) Get the social plugin for your Facebook Page

  1. You can generate the XFBML widget here for your own Facebook Page
  2. Enter your own Page ID. It is either the numerical part of the Facebook Page Url, or in case of a vanity Url, you can get it by clicking on the main photo of your page and finding the &id= in that link
  3. Set the width parameter to 750 and leave the height parameter empty
  4. Set the number of connections to 26
  5. Leave the rest of the parameters checked
  6. Click the "Get Code" and copy the XFBML version of the code (make sure you get the XFBML version and not the iframe)

2) Add it to your RealBird property website

  1. In the RealBird member area, go to the listing editor ("Add new" or "Edit property info" on the listing management page)
  2. Paste the code generated in step 1/6 into the "Add more info" section as shown below
  3. Click "Publish" or "Save as draft" at the bottom of the editor

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