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How to add a subdomain name to a property website

A subdomain name is of the form subdomainname.maindomainname.extension.  For example 54Northgate.realbird.com.
Subdomain and domain names are handles by which a website can be reached using a web browser. They are shorter and may be more meaningful, and therefore in some cases more convenient to use than a URL such as https://listings.realbird.com/B7F6F8D4/7726.aspx.
In RealBird PRO each listing website provides free subdomain names under the following main domain names:

Note that subdomain names, like main domain names, are not case sensitive. You may point several subdomain or main domain names to any URL.
Also note that domain names for property listing websites do not provide any significant SEO advantage in real estate because consumer do not google with street addresses.

To create a triplet of subdomain names for your listings follow these simple steps:

1. In your RealBird member area click on "Listing Marketing" on the blue navigation bar, then click on the "Property Site, VT & Marketing Tools" button for that listing.

2. Click "Get/Manage listing domain name"

3. Enter the desired subdomain name in the field after http:// and click "Check availability"

4. Click the "Register" button to reserve the names

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