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How to change the status of your featured listing

If the status of a listing that you have entered into your RealBird account under "Listing Marketing"  has changed, you need to update it and re-publish that listing. 

It is strongly recommended that if you sold a listing, you do not delete it, rather follow these few steps below to re-publish it as "Sold".  The reason is that your listing links back to your website and blog and thus helps lift your search engine rankings. 

Also, your sold single property websites contain all your brand information, and your property search (through the "Nearby Homes for Sale" button) and as you accumulate these "solds"  there will be more and more sites indexed by the search engines where potential clients can find you.

1. Log in to your RealBird account

2. Go to the "Listing Marketing" section on the blue navigation bar

3. For that listing, click "Edit Property Info":

4. Click the "Status" menu and select "Sold" (or "Pending" or any of the other available statuses)

5. Scroll down and click "Publish":

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