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How to track single property website access statistics with Google Analytics

This tutorial explains how to track the access stats for your featured listings (single property websites in the Listing Marketing section of your RealBird account).  As a prerequisite you will need to have set up Google Analytic tracking, as explained in this tutorial.

1. Log in to your Google Analytics account (at http://analytics.google.com)

2. On the landing page in the "Website Profiles" table click on the "View report" link of the Website Analytics profile that you have set up to track your RealBird statistics.  Usually this profile would show as "listings.realbird.com".

3. On the Dashboard menu click on "Content":

4. In the Content Overview menu click on "Content by Title":

5. In the "Content by Title" screen notice the ""Filter by Page Title" menu followed by "containing":

6. Now open a new browser tab or a new browser window and log in to your RealBird account and click to the "Listing Marketing" section on the blue navigation bar:

7. Click the "Default syndicated weblink" for the listing that you wish to track:

8. The listing will open in a new tab. In the browser's URL field highlight the listing's ID number and Copy (or press CTRL-C).  The listing's id number is the number preceding the ".aspx" in the URL;  in this example the id number is 75157:

9. Now click back to the Google Analytics browser tab or window and paste or write that number into the "Filter Page title containing" field and then press the "Go"  button next to it:

10. Finally you can add this filtered access statistic to your Google Analytics dashboard, for easier access by clicking the Add to Dashboard button:

You may repeat this procedure for any other listing that you wish to track.


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