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Posting your listings on ActiveRain and Localism

This tutorial explains how to use the RealBird property website's embed code on ActiveRain and Localism.

  1. Create a RealBird listing website
  2. Generate the embed code via the "Embed it in ActiveRain & blog post" link on the listing management page

  3. Adjust the parameters of the widget, then click the "Generate Code" button, then select the code with your cursor and click CTRL-C to copy:
  4. Now go to your ActiveRain account and create a blog post;  Switch the editor to HTML mode by clicking on the <> icon in the menu bar, then enter the title and paste the widget code into the editor's field with CTRL-V:

  5. Finally, fill in the tags line, select all options that apply and click "SAVE"  or "Publish":

    NOTE:  When using the ActiveRain editor do not write text into the WYSIWIG tab of the editor after you've posted the HTML code ino the HTML tab, because the two tabs are not linked and you will rease your HTML post.  You can add text in the HTML tab simply by typing it in and formatting it, if necessary, with simple HTML formatting commands.

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