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Quick Share Tool - Optimize your Listing Marketing

The Quick Share Tool is available from the Listing Marketing section of your Member Area.  Its purpose is to help you improve the marketing of your listings by giving you a quick overview of how many Views each listing has received and flagging the ones which seem to need more attention. Each listing can be edited, re-posted and shared from here.

1. To access the Quick Share Tool: login to your RealBird account, on the blue navigation bar click on Listing Marketing then on Quick Share.

The Quick Share Tool window will open up.  We recommend that you bookmark this window with your browser, so that you can easily get back to it.  Accessing the Quick Share Tool does not require login, so with only a single click you can return to it and perform sharing actions.

2.  The Quick Share Tool shows you (refer to the figure below):

1 - the number of Views ("hits") for each listing. This includes the number of times you have clicked on the single property website link - for example to preview it.
2 - a warning in red that your listing needs attention because there are not enough Views.
3 - the dates created and the date last modified
4 - quick links for posting your listing to various portals and sharing sites.

You may also download a Listing Marketing Checklist (PDF) from this page, it may help you get organized with your listing marketing.

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